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We would like to correct some errors which appeared in our catalogue of 1994 and to mention some new books and articles which the dates were taken from. At the same time we would like to apply to our Readers with a kind request of sending to us the other dates with all possible information concerning collection of the samples and their elaboration.

Page Column Date Row Is Should be
3     34 Université Catholique de Louvain, Louvain-la-Neuve, France Université Catholique de Louvain, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium; Centre de Faibles Radioactivés, Laboratoire Mixte CNRS-CEA, Gif-sur-Yvette, France
134-135 II, I Hv-1271, 1272, 1273   Incomplete information concerning SITE LOCATION: Prov. Pichincha, Ecuador SITE LOCATION: Pedro Moncayo, Prov. Pichincha, Ecuador. Lat 00º06'S, Long 78º18'W, altitude 3030 m a.s.l.
148-149   ISGS-448, 466, 468   Erroneously given ARCHAEOLOGICAL COMMENT: See archaeological comment ISGS-467 There is no date with such a code in our database
155 I N-2784, 2785 11 LABORATORY COMMENT: With the half-life = 5730 the date will be 3420±120 LABORATORY COMMENT: With the half-life = 5730 the date will be 3420±120 BP.
156 II N-2785 6 LABORATORY COMMENT: With the half-life = 5730 the date will be 2970±70 LABORATORY COMMENT: With the half-life = 5730 the date will be 2970±70 BP.
157 II OxA-948 11 Incomplete SITE LOCATION: Paute, Prov. Azuay, Ecuador. SITE LOCATION: Paute, Prov. Azuay, Ecuador. Lat 02º52'S, Long 78º46'W.
167 I SI-85 12 Period A (5000-43000 BP) Period A (5000-4300 BP)
169 II SI-595 7 settlementy settlement
170 I SI-684 4 some 60 hight some 60 m height
305 I, II Series: HAR-1104, 1105, 1109   Incomplete: REFERENCES: LUMBR89:113 REFERENCES: LUMBR89:113; LUMBR93:417
307-308 II, I Hel-2388, 2389, 2473   CONTEXT OF SAMPLE: ...surficial beds... CONTEXT OF SAMPLE: ...superficial beds...
314-317   Series: Chilca 12B-VII-1     uniform CONTEXT OF SAMPLE AND DESCRIPTION OF SITE: ...on the left bank of the Chilca River, ca 3 km E of the Pacific Ocean
314 I I-228 1 I-228 Correctly this date should be reported as Ny-228.
315 I I-811 14 I-812, the same level I-812, from the same level
319 II I-1231 6 RAVIN8a RAVIN82
340 I, II I-14125, 14130, 14131, 14132   Incomplete COLLECTED: 1985 COLLECTED: 1985 by Burger R.L. PROJECT: Lurín Valley Project
402 II PUCP-1825 12 REFERENCES:LAVAL85:56-57; LAVAL82:59; LAVAL82:59; LYNCH90:24 REFERENCES:LAVAL85:56-57; LAVAL82:59; LYNCH90:24
416 II SMU-900 15 reported in SHIMA82 as 770±40. reported in SHIMA82 as 770±40 BP.
420 I SMU-1788   Incomplete PROJECT PROJECT: Japanese Scientific Expedition
423 II TK-93 2 14 Ancón, Tank site REFERENCE: TK/5:385 Ancón REFERENCE: TK/5:385; RAVIN82:162
423 I TK-30 13 REFERENCES: TK/2:514; RAVIN82 REFERENCES: TK/2:514; RAVIN82:158
427 II TK-344, 412, 416, 527, 528, 529   Incomplete PROJECT PROJECT: Japanese Scientific Expedition
430 I TK-528 9 Incomplete SITE LOCATION SITE LOCATION: ...altitude 2700 m a.s.l.
448 I Tx-4751 5 In Tx/16 date is relayed as... In Tx/16 date is related as...
456 I UCLA-968 15 percusssion percussion
475-477   Series: Chilca 12B-VII-1   Incomplete MATERIAL MATERIAL: unknown
476 II V-798 7 level without maize and maize, level without maize and pottery,
492 II ZK-334 2 divided in two part, divided in two parts,
536       Dep. Cusco Dep. Cuzco
539   Series of dates 11 Paracas Necropolis Paracas Necrópolis
540-541   Series of dates from Chao (VRI-812, VRI-813) and from Las Salinas (PUCP-2, PUCP-7, PUCP-8, PUCP-20, PUCP-21, PUCP-22) 42 30 Chao and Las Salinas; Prov. Trujillo, Dep. La Libertad, Peru. Lat. 08º35'S, Long 78º43'W. According to POZOR90a those two names stand for one site and should be reported as Salinas de Chao. The site occupies about 8 ha at the base and on the lower slopes of Andean foothills near the coast at the extreme southern edge of the Chao Valley. The site consists of numerous terraced platforms built against the hill slope. Additional freestanding structures occupy more level areas at the hill base. Two sunken circular plazas are presents. Numerous fragments of cotton nets and twined textiles were recovered, but no ceramics were associated with the use of this architectural complex.
542     23 Cerro Purulen Cerro Purulén

Additionally we have noted that both BERGE88 and LUMBR93 appear in List of references but there is lack of dates in Reference index. It should be corrected for:

UCLA-2538A, UCLA-2538B, UCLA-2538E, UCLA-2538F, UCLA-2538K, UCLA-2538O, UCLA-2538P (erroneously cited as 2438P), UCLA-2702A, UCLA-2702B, UCLA-2702C, UCLA-2702D, UCLA-2702E, UCLA-2702F, UCLA-2702G.
Gif-1077, Gif-1078, Gif-1079, GX-1127, GX-1128, HAR-1104, HAR-1105, HAR-1109, ISGS-506, ISGS-507, ISGS-510, ISGS-486, ISGS-493, SI-1210, SI-1211, SI-1212, SI-1213, TK-18, TK-19, TK-20, UCR-693, UCR-694, UCR-705, UCR-747, UCR-748.

The authors regret any confusion those errors may have caused.
We also have added some new dated to our database, that caused the necessity to enlarge List of references and Reference index with new articles and books.

List of references

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Reference index

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