Centre for Precolumbian Studies, University of Warsaw (Ośrodek Badań Prekolumbijskich, OBP) is a stand-alone research division at the Faculty of History of our University, conducting scientific projects in the fields of archaeology, physical anthropology, and ethnohistory of the New World. OBP assumed its present form in 2005 (before it functioned as the Andean Archaeological Mission, founded in 1988). The current research interest of our staff focuses mainly on the Andean region of the South America, Maya region of Mesoamerica, and the Easter Island; however, in collaboration with the Institute of Archaeology our Centre conducts courses on all levels of academic education spanning the topics ranging from Tierra del Fuego and Amazon, through the Polynesia, Oceania, and the Caribbean, to the USA and sub-polar terrains inhabited by Inuits. The Centre possesses a reading room with numerous books and journals concerning the New World.

Our Team:

Prof. Mariusz S. Ziółkowski - director

Dr. Jan Szymański

Maciej Sobczyk

Edyta Maciak



Prof. Anna Gruszczyńska-Ziółkowska

Dr. Miłosz Giersz